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ProSource 8317-B Plungers
ProSource 8317-B Plunger, 10-5/8 In OAL, 4 in Cup, Short Handle
Our Price: $3.49

The ProSource drain plunger is the perfect plunger for unclogging drains. The drain plunger is made with a 4 in force cup head and a 9 in handle that precisely applies pressure and unclogs your drains. more info
GT Water DKMS Mini-Snake Drain Auger
GT WATER PRODUCTS DKMS Snake Drain Cleaner, 1/4 in Dia Cable, 22 in L Cable
Our Price: $3.99

Mini snake drain cleaner. Unclogs sinks, showers, bath drains and urinals. Safe and easy-to-use. No chemicals and no need to remove drain covers. Insert mini snake in drain, rotate, then pull out debris. 2-1/2 in(handle) x 1/4 in x 26 in (auger). more info
Drano 116 Drain Opener
Drano 116 Clog Remover, Liquid, Natural, Bleach, 32 oz Bottle
Our Price: $4.79

Drano? Liquid clog remover is a reliable, affordable solution for clogged drains. Simple to use and safe for all pipes, it works on clogged sinks or drains in the kitchen and restroom. more info
Cobra Zip-It 00400 Drain Clean Tool
COBRA TOOLS 00112BL Drain Cleaning Tool
Our Price: $4.99

The hair snake is the fast and easy way to clear clogged and slow running drains. This durable plastic tool is suitable for use in many residential drains. more info
ProSource 8318-B Toilet Plungers
ProSource 8318-B Toilet Plunger Drain, 23-1/4 In OAL, 6 in Cup, Long Handle
Our Price: $5.99

The ProSource toilet plunger is the perfect plunger for unclogging toilets. The plunger is made with a 6 in rubber force cup head and a 21 in handle that precisely applies pressure and unclogs your toilet. more info
Superior Tool 03819 Drainstick Drain Stick
SUPERIOR TOOL 03819 Auger Drain Stick
Our Price: $5.99

SUPERIOR TOOL Auger Drain Stick, 24 in L, Suitable for: Sink, Bath and Shower Drain Clog more info
Septic-Pak ZSTP2 Septic Tank Cleaner
Zep Septi-Pak Series ZSTP2 Septic System Treatment, Solid, Brown, Mild, 4 oz Pouch
Our Price: $6.49

Septi-Pak? concentrated septic treatment is a biodegradable formula that degrades and digests waste. It replenishes the essential bacteria that break down fats, oils, grease and organic waste. The easy-to-use concentrated formula is safe for pipes. Use one pre-measured bag once every two months for a 500 gal tank. more info
Blow Out 30-475 Industrial Strength Drain Opener
ComStar Blow Out 30-475 Drain Cleaner, Liquid, Dark Green, Odorless, 1 qt Bottle
Our Price: $6.99

Blow Out is the strongest non-acid liquid drain cleaner on the market. It's the non-acid answer for unclogging drains without damaging disposals, pipes, porcelain or septic tanks. Stronger than store bought brands. more info
Liquid Plumr Strength-Pro Professional Strength Drain Opener
Liquid-Plumr 30548 Clog Remover, Liquid, Clear/Pale Yellow, Bleach, 17 oz Bottle
Our Price: $7.59

Stubborn drains can't stand up to you when you've got Liquid-Plumr? Clog Destroyer Plus+ Urgent Clear?. Blast away the toughest clogs in 7 mins. more info
Drano 22118 Max Clog Remover
Drano Max Gel 22118 Clog Remover, Gel, Natural, Bleach, 42 oz Bottle
Our Price: $7.59

SC Johnson Professional? Drano? Max Gel pours through standing water and works fast to clear clogged drains and restore them to a free-flowing state. Safe for all pipes, it works great to remove hair, soap scum and other gunky clogs. more info
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